About Full Mouth Rehabilitations

Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction was done by a dentist aims to remove all old dental work, tooth decay, veneers, and replace them with brand new dental work to enhance your smile. Procedures may include dental crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and onlays. Full mouth reconstruction is also performed in patients who sustained severe trauma in their mouth cavity, e.g., in an accident. People whose teeth or gums damage is too advanced for other methods may also benefit from full mouth reconstruction as well as people who want to enhance their appearance.

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We deliver our gentle and expert care. We are honored that many of our patients have been part of our dental family.​

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Neha Dental Clinic is one of the best and most advanced dental clinics in Bangalore. We assure the quality results to our patient.

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We utilize the finest equipment and procedures for the well-being of our patients, including digital x-rays to solve dental problems.

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